The Francy Four


1. Um hai beautifully-simple-handmade-not-from-urban-outfitters-won’t-turn-your-neck-green-locally-made necklace, I love you. I actually bought this on the street in Portland, so if you’re looking for a similar one I suggest checking out Northwest and find the craftsman in fair trade denim, a flannel and a fixed gear bike- can’t be that many.

2. Hippo Hardware: Dying, died, dead. If you search “restoration hardware in Portland” and you’re phone doesn’t explode, head up to E Burnside and NW 11th and gawk at THEIR ENTIRE ROOM OF CLAW-FOOT TUBS. I bought an old windowpane that I’m turning into a breakfast tray- more on that to come this weekend.

3. Homemade Chai Concentrate: I know I’m in America’s one percent. No, not like the financial one percent, but the once percent of people that much prefer rain to sun, cold to warm. I’m holding on to every last shred of winter with this comfort classic.

4. The Pickwick Papers by Charles Dickens: Sorry Mrs. Dignan, I didn’t actually read this in high school (but it wasn’t on Spark Notes at the time either so feel kind of bad for me). Funny story- I was using it as bedside decoration and accidentally spilled my nightly gin and tonic on it. As I quickly lurched to save my drink, not the book, I remembered I got a chuckle out of it many moons ago and started to reread it. Think of it like a 19th century literary version of Funny or Die.




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