The Francy Four


1. Fit Bit: This thing is my fitness tamagotchi. I can barely bring myself to wash my hair three days a week, yet for some reason I feel an uncharacteristic maternal responsibility to make this little guy happy by taking more than 10k steps a day. Amp up daily cardio, no surfboardt required.

2. Emily Post’s Etiquette: Because if you think you can call your boyfriend and tell him about every caffeinated beverage you had that day on the bus, you’re clearly huffing glue. Manners matter y’all.

3. London Rebel Parker Sandal: Hello, lover. A little Mrs. Smith meets June Cleaver. Don’t worry guys, I got it in black because I’m not a stripper.

4. How ‘Bout Them Apples Lip and Cheek Cream Palette: Gives you that “J Crew Model with a top knot and poppy pouted lips” look without the coke addiction. Because a poppy colored lip was the only reason I didn’t look like a J Crew model before. Anywho, this palette is **~*~fLaWlEsS.


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